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EZTurner EZ-29 Paper Pile Turner

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EZTurner EZ-29 Paper Pile Turner. The EZTURNER was created for medium and large sized printing companies who would like to increase shop productivity. The EZTURNER can turn a load of paper, up to 700 pounds, in under 30 seconds. The EZTURNER enables the production team to increase productivity up to 2000%. Its easy to use, maintenance free, and affordable. Hand turning paper is time consuming and exhausting. The EZTURNER eliminates the stress and employee fatigue


Product Features

EZturner 29:

Minimum pile height - 21"       53.34 cm
Maximum pile height - 35"      88.90 cm
Maximum weight - 700 lbs      317.515 kg
Pallet clearance - 3 1/2"          8.89 cm